Next Reunion – 3 March 2018

Our next reunion will be held on Saturday, 3 March 2018 from 11am at Woorabinda School Camp on Lake Narracan.

Tickets must be pre-purchased for lunch prior to Friday, 16 February.  Refer to your latest newsletter for full details OR to become a member, click here.

Everyone with a connection to Yallourn is welcome. For any further enquiries, please email Julie

Memorabilia on sale, some at Reunion Special prices

– Here is Attendance List for people who have paid to date – this will be updated each Friday until the reunion.

– To help you remember old classmates, click here for a list of YHS Girls, sorted by first year at YHS; or here for a list of YHS Boys and YTS Boys, also sorted by first year at YHS/YTS.

Also – a big call out to those who started Yallourn High and Yallourn Tech Schools in 1947, 1957, 1967 and 1977 as this will be your 70th, 60th, 50th and 40th respectively ANNIVERSARIES since starting your secondary education at Yallourn. Bring as many with you as you can round up.

Last Reunion – 4 March 2017

Our last reunion was held on Saturday, 5 March 2016 at Woorabinda School Camp (on Lake Narracan) – for photos from this reunion (and others), please visit Virtual Yallourn.

Here are some photos from the last reunion held at Morwell RSL in March 2015:

Back Row: Jim Marshall, Kay Spurrier, Dorothy Edwards, Keith Horman, Fae Lawson, Mavis Webb, Eril Stephens Front Row: ? , David Andrew, Sylvia Rainbow, Helen Gregson, Max Fox, Jean Hattam, Syd Davies, Bruce King, Euan Browitt

1950-54 Back Row: Henry Winters, Reg Penkethman, ? , John O'Neill, Dennis Ross, Colin Nash Front Row: Bob Nash, Lesla Fankhauser, Lois Gust, ? , Judy Ross, Barry Gust, Kathleen Jenkins

1955-59 Back Row: ?, John Catchpole, Jimmy Collins, Kevin Brogan, Rod Thompson Middle Row: John Norden, ? , ? , Kevin Speairs, Carol Hunt, Colin Nash, Sally Hardy, Bob Docking Front Row: Heather Norden, Vivian Lock, Olga Tabaczynski, Lesley Green, Joy Rickman, Colin Ellis

1960-65: Back & Middle Rows L-R: Leonne Krygsman, Viv Brown, Ron Boskma, Dianne Downey, Jack Dell, Donna Casey, David Thompson, Barbara Hunt, Roger Dolphin, ? , Albie Kenny, Susanne Berg, Janice Cook, David McLennan, Steve George, Helene Wall, Graeme Sneddon, Ann McAllister, Dianne Robertson Front Row: Joan Ashmead, ? , Jennifer Langdon, Carole Sagar, Pauline Lock, Judy Williams, Irene Rickman, Chris French, Bev Malpass

1966'ers: Back Row`` Merrill Setches, Mark D'Alterio, Jenny Cook, Sue McEwan, Robyn Parry, Colin Crane, Connie Berg, Sue Harwood Front Row: Lidia Ingravalle, Dianne Casey, Lexine Baillie, Julie Francis, Vivian Hyde, Carolyn Morrissey