Welcome to Yallourn Association - proudly run by the Yallourn Old Girls' Association Inc.  founded in 1976
Our aim is to preserve the memories of a beautiful town for all to enjoy.
To vist our new Virtual Yallourn website, please click here [but make sure you come back again].
We hold a reunion each year (alternating between a dinner usually in the Morwell/Moe area; and a much bigger Yallourn reunion at Woorabinda School Camp near Moe where we usually attract 350-400 people) and we welcome ex-students from all schools in Yallourn and ex-residents.
We also send out two newsletters per year (for a sample, please click on our "Newsletters & What Happened to?" section and follow the links. These newsletters are usually 16-18 pages long and full of peoples stories, memories etc of Yallourn, photos and details on future reunions. 
If you are interested in receiving a copy of our newsletter and would like to join our Association, complete the following form and return to me.
Click  [ here]  to download the joining form 
Also NEW is our invitation to all those who lived in Yallourn to participate in our SURVEY.  Please go to our "Yallourn History" section to download the form. Thanks.
Kind regards
Julie George (Francis) YHS 1966
HISTORIC PRINTS AVAILABLE: prints from the original pen drawings of 12 Yallourn buildings made on site in 1980 by Yallourn resident Graham Longmore.

The prints are available in two sets of six at $80 per set plus P&P if applicable.
Set One : Post Office, Shopping Centre, High School, Presbyterian Church, Methodist Hall, 5 Maiden St
Set Two : Picture Theatre, National Bank, Health Centre, Catholic Church, Church of England, 58 Narracan Ave
Paper size is 58 x 41 cm and the image size is up to 42 x 28 cm. The ink used is sepia and the paper is a pale buff colour. A proportion of funds from sales are being donated to YOGA.
Contact Marg & Graham Longmore on 03 5191 8301 or by email offcentre@dcsi.net.au for details and a friendly chat.

Next Reunion – 5 March 2016


Our next reunion will be held on Saturday, 5 March 2016 from 11.00am at Woorabinda School Camp (between Moe and Yallourn Nth). Stay overnight in the two dorms that were once the Yallourn Hospital Nursing quarters (and if you can believe it, our ex-nurses say the floorboards squeak in exactly the same place as they did back then!!). The surrounds at Woorabinda are just beautiful and you can check this out for yourself by following this link:  Woorabinda Camp


BYO food and drinks, or pre-purchase sandwiches and cake for lunch and sausages from the BBQ at night. Also BYO camera.

Tickets must be pre-purchased for entry, lunch and accommodation.  For more details and pre-payment,  return the Return Entry Form from the Yallourn Association Newsletter to Julie before 19 February 2016.


Go to our Virtual Yallourn website after the reunion for photos and attendance list - Virtual Yallourn. Click on 'Reunions' at top tab and choose the year.


To help you remember old classmates, click here for a list of YHS Girls, sorted by first year at YHS; or here for a list of YHS Boys and YTS Boys, also sorted by first year at YHS/YTS.


Are your eyes drawn immediately to any notice of Yallourn?
What is it about Yallourn that draws ex-residents, students and workers to return up to 30, 40, 50 and even 60 years after being there?  We need more people to join our Association to help keep the history alive as this is not a renewable resource - once it's gone, it's gone forever.
Where are all the Marching Girls, Cubs, Scouts, Rangers, Sea Cadets, Guides and Brownies .the Youth Club members, Basketballers, Netballers, Cricketers, Footballers, Hockey players, Croquet players, Bowlers, Badminton players, Tennis players, Junior Firemen or representational teams or groups for the town of Yallourn as in the Town Band or the Athletes?
Where are your anecdotal stories, where was your favourite taddy pond?  Where was your paper round, where did you wag school (they can't hurt you now), where did you hang out after school, either organised or otherwise?  Don't be afraid of the concept of School Reunions as such, because the gathering that we have ends up being totally unlike the way reunions are perceived on media presentations, just a bunch of friends and acquaintances getting together for a chat and a drink and a meal, all too soon it finishes for another year, mostly with the best feelings.
Your memories, even the smallest recollections, are of interest to others so write them down or tape or email them to Yallourn Old Girls' Association (YOGA). Better still, join YOGA and catch up with old friends and neighbours.   Why not join your friends and siblings up as a gift with one of our Certificates.  The Association is open to all who lived, worked or were educated at Yallourn and Districts, as in Hernes Oak and Yallourn North.
Current Members  =  601

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  Yallourn Tech boys are welcome to join  

Supported by Latrobe City Council


Supported by Victorian Government


We have a total of 681 members - 225 of those are ?Old Guys? from YHS and 60 are ?Tech Boys?. We encourage more guys to join us.  Stan Hunt (YTS 1955) has volunteered to create a database for the Tech Boys and to help him do this, would you please contact him with your current details and the first year you commenced YTS. You can do so via our email service or to our postal address and we will pass on the information to Stan.
YOGA's History
Back in 1976, little did June Jardine (Blenkiron) and Lucy Bathurst (Crowe) know that the dinner they had planned for six to eight classmates would become 126 girls from the 1920s, 30s and 40s; and that they would continue to meet each year for the next 30+ years.
This may have been a once only event, as very few married names or addresses of the 'girls' were known, and as many had moved away from Yallourn when they married. Fortunately, June collected, in a school exercise book, all the names, addresses and telephone numbers of those who attended the dinner. Following many requests for a copy of the list, Nancy Smith collected money for its copying and postage. Later, Val Kerr had the list typed.
Many of the girls also expressed their desire to view the photographs that John Jardine had taken of all present. The 8th of May 1976, at the Northern Reserve Hall, Holmes Road, Morwell was the date and venue chosen to meet and view the photographs. The list was sent out to all the 'girls' advising them of the meeting, and asking everyone to bring a plate.
At this meeting, it was decided to meet again for dinner in 1977. On the night, June went to Sonja Bates' (Ostlund) home in Holmes Road, Morwell to telephone the Yallourn Hotel to make a booking, but with no success. George, Sonja's husband, said: "Don't worry June, you can have the dinner at the SEC Visitors Centre, Morwell and we will pay for the dinner,? which they did. Thanks George.
An election was held and a committee was formed. The members of that very first committee for the Yallourn Old Girls Association (YOGA) were:
  • Tess Gray (Whitehouse) [Treasurer], Gloria Stewart (Thorpe),
  • Neta Billingsley (Spittal), Val Embry (Kerr) [Secretary],
  • Lucy Bathurst (Crowe) [President] and June Jardine (Blenkiron).
Tess Gray suggested the name Yallourn Old Girls' Association, which has the acronym YOGA. The Association later became incorporated in 2005.
The first official dinner was held at the SEC Visitors Centre, Morwell on the 5th of March 1977, and so YOGA was born!

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